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  • 2017/08/13
    Equity and debt financial instruments should play a major role in plugging the financing gap for projects in the Belt and Road initiative, the vice-governor of the central bank said on Saturday."There is a huge funding demand to be met in the coming years, and equity investment should be used as muc...
  • 2011/10/10
    Fire forces evacuation A grassland fire in Heilongjiang province forced the evacuation of 465 residents on Sunday, local firefighting authorities said. Local watchmen spotted the fire at 11:48 am after a malfunctioning tractor reportedly ignited crops on a farm in Hongxing district in the city of Yi...
  • 2006/11/20
    Investing in FUTURE By YANG CHENG(China Daily) Updated: 2006-11-20 06:38 People growing or trading organic food need passionate enthusiasm. Terry Yu, general manager of LohaoCity Co Ltd, a company operating one of the pioneering organic food shops in Beijing, made the remark, saying ordinary people ...
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